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      Community Device Testing Lab in Edinburgh, UK

      About / Pricing

      Open Source & Community Projects

      If you have an open source project or a non-profit project that benefits the wider community, get in touch about Free access.

      BEST VALUE: Subscriptions

      Support DeviceLab Monthly for 50% off!

      Pay just £42/month for 3 hours testing, via Patreon. No invoicing, no faff. CodeBase Tenants £35/month.

      Rolling 3 month term. Month's notice to cancel. Hours don't roll over. Still a good deal :)

      Freelancers, Startups and Small Businesses

      First hour £40: £30/hour thereafter, or £200/day (09:30 - 17:30).

      CodeBase Tenants pay £32 first hour, £24/hour thereafter, or £160/day.

      Minimum Booking 1 hour.

      Corporate Rates (101+ employees)

      First hour £130: £100 per hour thereafter, or £650 per day (09:30 - 17:30).

      Why Device Testing?

      Whether you’re building native applications or mobile / responsive web experiences, testing on a diverse range of devices is a must. Variations in form factor, processing power, OS version and browser can all play a part in interfering with the experience you’ve crafted.

      Unfortunately, testing in mobile emulators or using remote tools simply doesn’t compare to getting hands-on with a device in the same way your customers and users will – particularly with most emulators using the desktop browser rendering engine, rather than the mobile rendering engine used on the device.

      Why Us?

      We’re starting up in Edinburgh because we’re designers and developers who live here, in need of access to test devices, and a test lab is exactly the kind of facility that’s best shared with the wider community.

      We’re also about People before Profit. We’re looking to build a successful, self-sustaining testing resource, but also make it accessible for everyone from freelancers to big business by offering tiered rates for access. All profits are reinvested in keeping the lab open, and we do our best to keep the range of devices up to date with the UK consumer device market.

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